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What's The Point?

Most people know me because I sing or because I preach and because I am a natural clown. That is the part of me that is easy to share. It's the me they don't see that is the hard part, and that is the part that God continues to push me to share.. What's the point? I'm glad you asked.

I started this blog for many reason. Believe me I was very hesitant, reluctant, doubtful, felt like it was a bad idea and definitely afraid. #1 because I am a private person and I didn’t want y’all in my business. I knew that doing this would cause me to have to be vulnerable and transparent. I would have expose parts of me (and some that include other people) that I wanted to keep hidden because I was ashamed or embarrassed. Most of all I would have to subject myself to some potentially harsh criticisms. I wasn’t ready (so I thought) and I did want to deal with that!! Not to mention the insecurity of thinking no one wants to hear what I have to say, I’m just a no body. So, I just took a leap and here we are.

I have gone through so many things that have left me broken. Some of them I didn't believe I would EVER recover from, but God brought me through. God Healed Me! I still have a ways to go in some areas, but I choose to keep going until I’m completely WHOLE. I see so many people who are dealing with some of the same things I have overcome, and it weighs so heavy on my heart. I told God I wanted to help. Well, what better way to help than to create a platform to share some of my experiences and give others an opportunity to see the power of God's ability to set them free as He did for me.

It is my prayer that you read something that will not only impact your life, but helps your life to be changed forever. I pray that this journey will encourage you to make some decisions to become a WHOLE you. Most of all I pray that this experience will help you to acknowledge, face and conquer the greatest giants in your life.

Feel free to leave your comments/thoughts, send words of encouragement, or even ask me questions. I just ask that you keep an open mind. Everyone's experiences and situations are different. Everyone is not the same. but we are all trying to get to the same place, and that is WHOLE.


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